Global Logistics Transport LLC, Dubai

Global Logistics, the branch/partner of ABF operating in the UAE region is dedicated to handle all the inland logistics operations. Since the inception, we have dedicated ourselves to provide our customers with the best logistics plan in moving their consignment form anywhere to anywhere in the world with the most economic tariff plan.

The dedicated team of specialist’s workout the best economic plan and the most suitable method of moving the consignment giving at most priority to the nature of the consignment. Only to keep it in its pristine condition as at source and deliver the ABF promise which is customer delight. This is to convert the first time customer into a partner for all logistics requirement now and for ever.

Overland Network

We have dedicated ourselves to ensure all the consignments coming in by air or by sea to reach their destination on time and in the same pristine condition as at source. This is also true for all the consignments going out, that are to reach any airport or port going out is in the same pristine condition as at source. This is all possible as we have the state of art trailer trucks most suitable to move any consignment from anywhere to any airport or port in the desert conditions.

The fleet of trucks are continuously monitored to ensure the consignment reaches the destination without any unexpected natural causes. And, the operation experts in the field are more than well trained to handle any situation and best operation experts in the entire kingdom.

There are other teams of specialists who are dedicated to design the route and method and mode of moving your consignment to ensure the ABF promise is delivered all the time, every time.

For more details about moving your consignments that may have special requirements contact us to more options

Global Logistics Transport L.L.C
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ph: +971 4 352 3622
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