Steel Trading

Steel Trading

In the era of skyscrapers, where the rise in demand for the best quality steel which is strong but not stubborn to withstand the weather conditions and wind is reasonable. This change is to meet the structural demands to accommodate the rising population and business needs.

We are the brand of choice for all steel products like at best competitive price, wholesale or retail. We are the authorised distributors for JSW neo TMT, and many other brands of steel. We also provide test certificates if need be.

It is our focused effort to achieve customer delight. In order to achieve this we have a fully equipped facility to make all your purchases easy and at your comfort. The facility is equipped with a 10 ton lifting crane, a 40 KVA generator only not to be dependent on electricity and overhead cranes to facilitate easy loading and unloading.

We also have our own team for all logistics requirements which you can hire at very competitive rates to any destination of choice.

All this is operations are done by dedicated team of highly qualified, motivated teams who are the masters of their art and experts in their own right. With these teams we are capable of handling a single consignment of 500 tons.

The company deals with a variety of steel products like small steel piped to huge to massive structural beams and thick steel sheets suitable for various requirements like Construction steel, structural steel, industrial steel, pipes, speciality steel, for all requirements of commercial constructions, civil constructions, infrastructure and engineering projects and many more.

Our teams of specialists dedicate themselves to highest quality standards of service to ensure easy and hassle free shopping only to achieve customer delight.

The list of our companies will further facilitate you to choose the location of your choice for the best quality steel the industry had to offer.

ABCO Steel International Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Karnataka, South India, this facility is dedicated to serve our esteemed cliental with steel products ranging from small steel pipes to huge to massive structure beams and all steel products required for civil, commercial constructions and infrastructure and engineering projects.

ABCO Steel International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to systematically handle all the requirements of every client.

ABF Steel International Pvt. Ltd.

This branch/partner is the dedicated authorised distributor of JSW neo TMT steel among other brands of steel dealing in wholesale or retail purchases. In addition to this they are also experts in profile cutting.

Also, this branch/partner deals with all kinds and varieties of plastic of highest standards from reputed brands used in building construction. The Building/structure could be Commercial, non-commercial, Hospitals or any structure you can think of.

This facility is fully equipped to handle any size consignment to facilitate easy shopping for our customers; also the logistics facilities are available to transport the purchase to any location of choice.