Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

A humble start in pursuit of excellence for more than over a decade has further humbled us with the understanding of the intrinsic details of packaging, handling and all logistic details of every consignment. This understanding is due to the fact, that the entire hand-picked team(s) at all the facilities of- be it shipping, freight or inland operations have the same dedication to pursue excellence. The pursuit of excellence was to achieve customer satisfaction, which now is not sufficient. Hence now, we have raised the bar for ourselves from customer satisfaction to customer delight. Irrespective of the geographic location and the choice of logistics mode, our logistic plans are designed by team of specialists meet all requirements to move the consignment from the point of registration to point of delivery. The requirements include plans that suite the nature of the consignment, the weather conditions faced during transport and all necessary customs clearance. These plans are charted out to meet all the requirements of international standards so as to ensure clearance from any port or warehouse it sees. And finally to ensure the consignment is delivered on time as promised.

To ensure these plans are effective every time, and in any location. We have our offices across the globe. The list of our offices will further facilitate to choose your convenient location for all logistics purposes.


This branch/partner of ABF is specialised freight forwarding company in provide conference level service using multiple steamship lines with multiple sailings every week and also has alliances with leading International freight forwarding companies. Offering specialized services in the movement of Project Cargo, GCC based inland transport, customs clearance, and exhibition logistics, repair & return shipments etc. Also, this branch/partner offers terminal facilities at Jeddah, Dammam and Dubai where goods are consolidated for further distribution in the kingdom and other parts of the world.

The company head office is located in Jeddah with branches at Riyadh, Dammam and Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering the entire region.

ABF Freight International Pvt Ltd

This branch of ABF is the leading freight forwarding company in India. The Company’s parent concern BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics Co. Ltd. This name stands out in the Middle East region and China for delivering the promise by ABF. The promise to delivering any consignment from and to any part of the world, this speciality has brought many smiles of delight on the many happy customers.
The offices of this branch of ABF are located at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Bengaluru in India.

ABF Logistics International Pvt. Ltd

This is the customs House Agent (CHA) of ABF in India. This branch of ABF is licenced to operate in all major airports, sea ports and inland container depots (ICDs). It has its offices in major cities, with its head office in Mangalore and offices in Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru.

This branch of ABF is specialised in customs clearance for consignments for both import and export via air or by sea.

Also, the state of the art warehousing facility in Karnataka further enables in delivering the ABF promise to delivering any consignment from and to any part of the world.

Some of the hardware items here are:

  • Commercial Cargo
  • Scraps & recyclable material
  • Tiles, stones & minerals
  • Textiles & Garments
  • Metals & Engineering capital goods
  • Hardware, tools & Auto components
  • Food products & Beverages
  • Papers & plastics
  • Handicrafts & artefacts
  • Machinery & Project cargo
  • Petroleum products
  • Break bulk, RORO & Special Equipment’s and much more

ABF Freight International China Pvt Ltd

This branch of ABF is the leading freight forwarding company in China. This is a sister concern of ABF Freight International Pvt Ltd. This company was established to facilitate the transportation and logistics for all the volume of exports originating from china to be delivered at various destinations around the globe.

Their head office is located at Shenzhen, the world largest logistics operation and services covering the entire South China ports with branches in Ningbo to cover the entire North China ports, thus covering the entire country.

BASEM International Middle East LLC

This branch/partner of ABF specialises in offering end to end logistics solution in Dubai and all of UAE. They are specialists in handling customized logistics operation via air, water and land to meet the demands of supply chain management for business ranging from Food and Beverages, Electronics, Retail Groups, Supermarket and Merchandising chains, Textiles, Perfumes, Steel and Associated Industries, Automobiles, Packaging, etc.

ABCO International Shipping & Logistics DMCC

With multiple warehousing facilities across UAE, the experienced team of specialists are well equipped to handle any consignment from any part of the world and further distribute to any part of the world.

This branch/partner of ABF has customised logistics operations in UAE. They are serving to meet the raising demand of supply chain management to meet the requirements of all most all the business one can think of.

Global Logistics Transport (L.L.C)

This branch/partner of ABF is the leading service provider in transportation and logistics in UAE. With their state of the art facility fleet of trucks they cover the entire region in UAE to deliver the ABF promise to deliver any consignment of any size or nature in this region.

Connecting the dots of our presence on the world map, we are everywhere. Our Shipping, freight and logistics operation in multiple geographic locations together make the impossible logistics operations very much possible. Thus, upholding and delivering the ABF promise all the time, every time. The promise to deliver any consignment from to any part of the world, thus, this speciality has brought many smiles of delight to the many happy customers.