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Even before the start of civilization leather has been the choice of attire for man to survive nature in its pure form. With advance in civilization and development of society to further fragmentation into cults, each culture developed a unique taste of fashion to suit their cultural believes.

Perfect Leather tanning international under the banner of ABF group of companies has dedicated itself in the production of high quality leather to meet the demand of continuous evolving fashion industry that need to meet the demands of all cultures.

Now, leather is being used in all industries be it fashion, automobiles, luggage’s and bags or logistics companies which demand leather in packaging of goods with special requirement for transit.

Fashion alone encompasses a large variety of attires, shoes, belts and to a large extents head gear and hats.

We have dedicated teams for an end-to-end process, there are dedicated teams who perform quality analysis and procure quality raw hide, which is further processed for transportation to our tanneries. This procured leather is further processed in our tanneries to produce fine leather to meet the demands of all industries.

The dedicated teams of quality analysts and procurement specialists are spread all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Somalia to Tanzania and many more places where sheep, goat and herding is a major occupation or the region.

The range of quality leather we supply encompasses the requirement of all the industries who have leather as raw material, the list is the variety of fine leather to name a few

  • Air dried sheep and goat skins
  • Salted dried sheep and goat skins
  • Air dried cow hides
  • Salted dried cow hides
  • Pickled sheep and goat skins
  • Wet blue cow hides
  • Wet salted cow hides
  • Wet blue sheep and goat skins

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ABF Leathers International LLC also supplies semi-finished leather Like Crust & white crust, and prime quality finished leathers like Sheep Napa, Sheep Suede, and Goat Napa & Goat Suede for manufacturing Garments, Shoes and various other applications.

It is our policy and a mission not to use any heavy metal processing chemicals that would not be environment friendly and be objectionable to use in certain industries where leather is the hero component.

To ensure this is implemented and executed at all stages of leather processing we have well qualified, well trained and more the decades of experience to do the job. Hence it is humbling to say, the company is run by people who have not just inherited the business but have worked to be the masters of their trade only to produce the superior quality leather for so many decades now.

With our warehouses around the globe with state of art facilities, it is part of the process to deliver this fine superior quality leather to any part of the world. Irrespective of the size of the order we at ABF supply the same highest quality of selection and size of leather. This fine quality of leather reaches the entire leather industry in India, China, Hong Kong, Italy and Germany to name a few places.

Our leather tannery is operative at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the office is located in Dubai. Our warehouse facilities in Tamil Nadu, South India, is dedicated to store the fine quality wet blue leather to maintain the continuous supply of the same worldwide. The dedicated warehouses are specially designed and crafted to store this fine quality of leather in all pristine condition that pampers the leather to maintain its fine quality.

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