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We started at a time when there were many suppliers for building material, hardware material and tools, hand and power tools. All the material we trade with. But, then the traders of all this material and equipment were scattered all over UAE. Having understood the critical requirements of all clients rendering services in various sectors and industries across the board, it was imperative that we made a policy decision to have all the material and equipment under one roof. Implementing, enforcing and maintaining this for over more than a decade we are now a brand name in the industry for supplying such material and equipment to an extent ‘you name it we have it for you’.

With this it would be needless to mention the range of material and equipment we deal with. To mention a few the following list, will definitely give you confidence of the range and to find the right material and/or equipment you have been looking for all this time.

  • Power Tools
  • Gums & Adhesives
  • Hand Tools
  • Abrasives
  • Welding Consumables
  • Carpentry/ Furniture Fittings Items
  • Paints & Accessories
  • Power Tool Accessories
  • Safety Items / Cleaning
  • Electrical Items
  • Fasteners
  • Packing Items
  • Rigging Hardwires
  • Material Handling
  • Industrials Purpose Sprays
  • Knifes

It would definitely not be sufficient to have brought all this material and equipment under one roof and be happy with it. It was again our policy which became our philosophy to supply and rigorous follow-up to ensure and facilitate the smooth operations of all projects our clients may have to complete and deliver. In so many words, we believe in being the backbone of our clients.

Having the best work force also means to be enable them to deliver their assign tasks. We are the suppliers of such material and equipment enabling our clients to facilitate the fantastic workforce in order to complete each project to become brands in their own businesses.

The material and equipment is a continuous flow. We being the sister concern of ABF Industries LLC, Dubai, which also has strong alliances with all the major shipping and logistics companies around the globe. Hence, it is with this association it is our responsibility to import specific material for the clients’ special requirements. This we are committed to and have delivered to such special requirements of our clients, who are our partners for all their requirements now and forever.

We, the entire staff here have committed to deliver the ABF promise, which is customer delight. And it is humbling to say this has paid off and we have grown to be the suppliers for all such material and equipment in the entire region. This growth and expansion also coincided with the socio-economic growth in the region rendering us the opportunity to serve all our clients across industries with the material of their choice.

Today, we have an operational area of 7000 Sq.ft. with over more than 3000 + products to serve and meet the requirements of various sectors and industries across the board.

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Right Choice Equipment Trading L.L.C
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